• Princess Holly

    Holly is a fairy and one of the main characters alongside Ben Elf. She lives with her parents, King and Queen Thistle, and with her little sisters, Daisy & Poppy. She likes to use magic despite the risk of things going wrong. Her best friend is Ben Elf. She wears a pink dress and has small crown and has blonde hair. Holly is 8 years old.

  • Ben Elf

    Ben is an elf and one of the main characters alongside Princess Holly. He lives with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Elf. He lives in the Great Elf Tree, number 4. Ben wears a blue shirt, a blue pair of shorts and blue triangular hat with an oak leaf sticking out and he has ginger hair. Ben is a young Elf. He has many friends, and his best friend is princess Holly. Ben is 8 years old.

  • Gaston Ladybird

    Gaston the Ladybird is a male ladybird who lives in a small cave. He likes his house being messy as well as food that is "smelly and foul". He doesn't mind giving Ben rides when Ben needs to fly. Nanny Plum translates for him quite often. He acts quite similar to a dog, making a barking sound when he 'speaks', and fetching sticks. Gaston has two nieces, Amber and Emerald, and a nephew, Keith.

  • Nanny Plum

    Nanny Plum is Holly, Daisy and Poppy's nanny and 'teacher', and a general housekeeper. She is very good at magic and capable of speaking many animal languages (including such as Mole, Aardvark, Ant, Centipede and Alien). She often ends up into all kinds of trouble. She is also a tooth fairy. She wears a purple dress and has black hair. Although being quite bossy, she is very good at cleaning with magic.